Useful Documents

Nursery Hygiene and the Threat of Phytophthora Dieback

In 2009 the Perth Region Natural Resource Management group found dieback had infected almost one-third of native trees in Perth's outer suburbs, with gardeners unwittingly spreading the disease from infected potting mix and pot plants. Read a copy of the article from the West Australian here. Increasingly, NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme) accreditation is a prerequisite to participation in revegetation schemes on public lands. BPG is already largely compliant with the basic requirements of NIASA and is exploring accreditation, but the cost is likely to be a major deterrent. In the meantime, BPG has to continue to demonstrate sound nursery hygiene to ensure onoing permissions to plant on government parks and reserves. The GroCentre site induction has had a re-edit with this in mind. Have a read here. Managing Phytophthora Dieback in Bushland is a useful source of further information on best practices to follow. Download a copy here.

Using the Hamilton Tree Planter

Those new to BPG often wonder how we manage to plant so many seedlings in a single session. BPG invested in Hamilton Tree Planters, which makes planting a straightforward affair. The planters allow BPG members to dig the correct size hole quickly and easily. In addition, there is no air gap and no need for watering in of each seedling when the Hammy planters are used.

There are three pages that can be viewed here.

Using the DriWater Log

A great invention that slowly releases water around the plant. See here for instructions.

Installing Tree Guards

Best done around seedlings at time of planting. Proven in research trials to increase seedling growth rates, trunk diameters and survival rates. Read more here. BUT... remember that an improperly installed tree guard is actually worse than none at all. See here for instructions.

Setting up the BPG Marquee

Printable instructions on how to set up the marquee at any of our events. See here for instructions.

BPG's Local Planting Species List

This is the consolidated list of the native plants that are indigenous to Bassendean. It's a continuous work in progress and suggestions and correction are welcome. The most recent version has the Carnaby's Black Cockatoo priority habitat plants identified. See here for the list.