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If you are interesting in volunteering with BPG, we would love to hear from you! Please email Nancy, our volunteer co-ordinator at bpginc@bigpond.com.

Ashfield Foreshore Restoration

Did you know BPG:
• Saved Ashfield Flats from a canal style development in the mid 80's? • Wrote the report "A Regional Park Plan for the Ashfield Flats" in 1985 that is extensively quoted in the Tooby Report http://www.bpginc.info/informationsheets/Tooby%20Report.pdf? • Built the Boardwalk over the Chapman St drain and created and installed the interpretive signs? • Installed the river baffle boards still visible at the French St end of the combined use path in an early attempt to mitigate boat wake erosion? • Initiated the foreshore limestone toe wall from the Boardwalk to the French Street steps? • Propagated and planted virtually every native you see at Ashfield Flats that isn't old growth? Take a look at the Historical View on Google Earth, or visit the last page of Now and Then and view the remarkable difference over the last 10 years and visit the other Now and Then pages for more before and after examples. • Continues to plant 1000's of natives each year at Ashfield Flats grown in our nursery, increasingly using locally collected seed? • Worked extensively with Basso Lions in an attempt to create a shared community facility consecutively at the old BMX Track, then Whitfield Street, the Historical Rail Museum, Eden Hill PS and finally CJSC? • Developed a plan for a foreshore mitigation project at the "Dog Bay" washout just upstream from the Boardwalk? Our Form 7 has been SRT reviewed and tentatively endorsed. • Pursued SALP grant funding for the project (est. cost is about $18k, well beyond the pared-back budget of WAPC at the moment), but had put that on hold because SRT wanted a review of the entire foreshore? • Maintains well established mutually beneficial working relationships with the WAPC Land Managers, SRT Riverbank Officers, and TofB Environmental Officer? • Planted out about several hundred Salt Sheoak seedlings grown at our GroCentre from locally collected seed along the Ashfield Flats foreshore last winter to combat erosion? • And also almost 2,000 seedlings of high priority Black Cockatoo species to continue our efforts to restore habitat for these endangered parrots, regularly seen at Ashfield Flats?

This year we will be participating in more foreshore revegatation works with TofB and WAPC.

Permanent home for the GroCentre at a shared community facility

We are still looking for a home in Bassendean. After all, we are the Bassendean, not Belmont, Preservation Group. WAPC continues to generously support our tenancy on Black Swan Island, but the ongoing government cuts and efforts to pass the property to Belmont raise concerns about the future.

Ashfield Flats Master Plan

This includes streamlining Chapman Drain, now a ditch, and turning it back into a living stream, with sedge nurseries for pollutant uptake and repair of river bank erosion up and down the river. One of the original studies is the Tooby Report, jointly commissioned in the mid 80's by the then State Planning Commission and the Town of Bassendean. Despite the age of the report, much the information is still relevant. It's available here.

Broadway Arboretum Concept Plan

BPG is working with Town of Bassendean to revegetate selected areas in alignment with the plan. See the Links section for a copy of the approved Concept Plan.

Success Hill

For decades, Success Hill bush has been deteriorating due to infestation of Veldt grass. Veldt grass out-competes the natives, and presents a fuel load that ignites readily and burns with intensity. Moreover, the Veldt grass seeds' propagation is enhanced y fire, and Veldt grass is capable of producing new seed within 4-6 weeks ready for the next fire. The natives never get a chance to emerge and mature, and the Veldt grass spreads in a vicious downward spiral.

BPG planted for several winters in the late 1990s at Success Hill, but abandoned any further efforts after annual fires fuelled by the Veldt grass destroyed every year's works.

In 2010, the Town of Bassendean initiated a targeted spot application using a grass specific herbicide, by a licensed applicator and senior Landcare Officer following best landcare industry practice, in alignment with all Local, State and Federal Regulations, and following exhaustive consultation with the Native Owners.

The program has improved the exotic weed situation markedly, and there is already signs of bush regeneration. Success Hill Action Group, Inc plants almost exclusively at Success Hill, and BPG periodically helps them out, and will continue to do so.

Eden Hill Primary School Support

BPG has been supporting the school’s environmental efforts by donating plants, supplies and lending tools and expertise. BPG contributed to creating a small area of bushland behind the school.