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Please choose the appropriate year to view a table with the species, quantities and locations for the year. Not all years are here yet, but will be eventually.

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Next Activity Morning

Dates for activities tend to be relatively fluid. When planting out, it depends on the progress of the seedlings, the date when the rains finally arrive, the timing of the site weed treatment, permissions from the land manager and other factors. For potting days, it depends on the success of the seed collecting effort, decisions on where the planting is likely to take place some 8 months hence determining the species mix, the TofB's and WAPC's plans, and stocks of soil, fertilizer, sterilised clean pots and space on the frames or in the Sedges and Rushes pond. The best way to keep abreast of the latest developments is via your email. Reminders go out to members at least two weeks prior to events with a reminder one week before. If you're not a member and would like to know more, follow the link to the Secretary on the membership page. Ask to be put on the emailing list for notice of future events. Meantime click the Year 2017 link above for the draft species allocation and areas for this year.

Recent Planting Schedule

Come and see some of the good work done this year! BPG follows current best bush rehabilition practice for planting out natives. We pot the seeds at our GroCentre between December and March, and thin/divide in April and May if required. These seedlings are ready to plant out as soon as the winter rains arrive in June or July. No watering is undertaken at time of planting or after. A percentage of the seedlings will not survive the first summer. This is expected, and BPG returns to the reserves to replant gaps the following winter. In a year with decent winter rains, BPG's success rate is estimated at better than 80%. This is a cheaper, more sustainable and less invasive method than installing water taps, trickle irrigation or hand watering the plants. Here they are, most recent first:

Saturday 11 March 2017 - Marri Grove, Ashfield Flats

Dozens of Marris self-seeded from honkey nuts fallen from the existing trees in this grove near Sandy Beach Reserve. In 2016 BPG received permission to stake areound the area to keep the slasher out. 5 volunteers hand weeded around the Marri seedlings to assist their continued survival. Self-seeding is the absolute best way to revegetate an area because there is zero risk of importing pathogens and any local specie adaptation to the area is retained. For seedlings to survive, it's essential to minimize weed competition, and keep the slasher and foot traffic away.

Saturday 04 March 2017 - GroCentre

Close to finishing off the 2017 propagation program with 2,880 already seeded. 11 volunteers potted 505 natives mostly Lake Club Rush with some Green Stinkwood. Also backfilled on some White and Swan River Myrtyles that failed to take off the first try.

Saturday 11 February 2017 - GroCentre

700 native seedlings potted by by 17 volunteers in less than two hours. Mostly understory like Running Postman, Snake Bush, Kangaroo Paw, Elegant Beaufortia and so on...

Saturday 21 January 2017 - GroCentre

Huge turnout of 21 volunteers potted 1175 Banksias, Hakeas, Paperbarks, Lobelia to name only a few. We ran right through the 925 count planned on the morning and potted an additional 250 from the next planned morning's list.

Saturday 10 December 2016 - GroCentre

The 40oC weather meant only 6 volunteers braved conditions, not enough to justify starting up the potting assembly line. So we did the only logical thing, emptied the solar sterilizer and washed all the pots in preparation for the next planned morning.

Saturday 26 November 2016 - GroCentre

This was our kick-off for the 2017 propagation season. 7 volunteers put things in order and potted 500 Purple Flag, White and Pink Myrtles and Dainty Astartea.

Saturday 5 November 2016 - Ashfield Flats

Juncus Kraussii don't mind inundation and like warm weather, so 7 volunteers planted out 200 plus 10 Salt Sheoaks for good measure on the foreshore behind the protective fence just upstream of BPG's Boardwalk. BPG has a near 100% success rate behind the fence, as opposed to an actual 0.25% (that's 1 in 400!) for our foreshore plantings that don't have the benefit of the protective fence to reduce the traffic.

Saturday 15 October 2016 - GroCentre

5 intrepid volunteers spent the morning housekeeping at the nursery for the upcoming season. New battery in the retic controller, weld the gate chain back on, clean up the frames, load the solar sterilizer, weed under the frames...

Saturday 24 September 2016 - Redcliffe & Co

5 volunteers made the rounds to plant out a total of 175 Marri, Swish Bush, White Myrtle and Swamp Banksia at Redcliffe, Whitfield St. and the Marri Grove.

Saturday 17 September 2016 - Broadway Arboretum

A total of 15 volunteers including 8 members of Perth and South Perth Rotaract planted 197 of BPG's natives plus and additional 400 provided by Jeremy at TofB.

Sunday 10 July 2016 - Ashfield Flats

352 Banksia, Marris, Grey Stinkwood, Golden Wreath Wattle, Swish Bush planted out by 11 volunteers as infill at Whitfield St.

Sunday 19 June 2017 - GroCentre

9 Volunteers thinned seedlings and removed non-starter pots, weeded and generally tidied up the nursery.

Saturday 30 April 2016 - GroCentre

No water at the GroCentre! City of Belmont added a parking bay just past the causeway onto the Island, and cut the main supply. It took 10 days to get them to put it together again.

Saturday 16 April 2016 - Ashfield Flats

A reasonable low tide for planting Juncus Kraussii along the tideline and 12 volunteers planted 320.

Saturday 02 April 2016 - GroCentre

Didn't make a quorum for potting so 6 volunteers weeded and cleaned up.

Saturday 12 March 2016 - GroCentre

12 volunteers made short work of seeding 400 Marris and starting 200 Snake Bush from cuttings.

Saturday 27 February 2016 - GroCentre

Pot wash bonanza by 8 volunteers to get through the 1000's of pots that cooked in the sterilizer and were ready to be washed, dried and stored away ready for the next potting morning.

Sunday 13 September 2015 - Ashfield Flats

A total of 163 Prickly Moses, Salt Sheoak, Marri and Robin Red Breast planted out by 7 volunteers.

Saturday 22 August 2015 - Redcliffe

BPG's working on establishing priority habitat here for the endangered Carnaby Black Cockatoo. 8 volunteers planted 303 CBC favorites like Marri, Wattle, Grey Stinkwood and Hakeas.

Sunday 09 August 2015 - Broadway Arboretum

A turn out of 25 including 15 from the Girl Guides planted 807 natives BPG grew specifically for the Bassendean Sands soil type found at Broadway.

Sunday 12 July 2015 - Whitfield St.

476 Banksia, Marri, Wattle, Swish Bush, Hakeas, and Myrtles planted by 11 volunteers.

Saturday 13 June 2015 - Ashfield Flats

Jeremy the TofB Environmental Officer organized a major planting at Dog Bay with BPG and Perth and South of Perth Rotaract attending. Didn't get a plant count but there were two trailer loads so it would have been in the 1000's.

10 to 30 May 2015 - GroCentre skillion roof construction

BPG volunteers dug the holes for the posts and supplied used roof sheets. Jeremy, the TofB Environmental Officer along with the Towns Building Maintenance Officer provided the structure and assembled it on 30 May and BPG poured the footings around the posts.

10 to 21 March 2015 - GroCentre

BPG volunteers salvaged a plywood pallet to use as a notice board at the grow centre and stained the rain water tank stand while they were at it. On the 21st, 10 volunteers potted 905 seedlings, Marri and Juncus kraussii.

Saturday 28 February 2015 - GroCentre

Getting near the end of the 2015 propagation program here with fourteen volunteers potting 1,200 natives for Ashfield Flats and Broadway. And of course a couple thousand pots washed.

Saturday 14 February 2015 - GroCentre

Another morning, another 2,000 pots washed and 1,074 native propagated by ten volunteers. Hakeas, Banksias, Myrtles, Native Wisteria and Running Postman for Ashfield Flats and Broadway.

Saturday 7 February 2015 - Bannister Creek Tour

Tash organized a tour of Bannister Creek, a once industrial drain that Sercul has turned into a living stream. Inspiration for Chapman Street Drain at Ashfield Flats. Working on getting some pictures up.

Saturday 17 January 2015 - GroCentre

Thirteen volunteers washing more pots, and kicking off the propagation program with 800 Banksia, Golden Wreath Wattle, Prickly Moses and Swish Bush destined for Broadway Arboretum.

New Years Day 1 January 2015 - GroCentre

A massive pot washathon with five hardy volunteers getting started on a ute load of donated pots. Over 3,000 pots from the solar sterilizer washed, and the sterilizer filled again with the next load.

Saturday 8 November 2014 - Ashfield Flats Foreshore

Coinciding with a low tide, 13 volunteers planted a total of 408 rushes along the bottom of the cutbank. We are watching these carefully to see if they tolerate the periodic inundation as predicted by the literature.

Sunday 28 September 2014 - Ashfield Flats Foreshore

12 volunteers planted 365 Salt Sheoak and 216 Shore and Pale Rush. By now most of them have been trampled by the relentless foot and paw traffic straying from the combined use path. However things are looking up. WAPC and TofB have installed a length of fence running upstream from the boardwalk that promises a higher survival rate for this year.

Friday 12 September 2014 - Ashfield Flats Foreshore

BPG's certified applicator and two helpers spot treated 75 1-meter circles for planting out later in the month. Knocking the weeds back gives the native plants a one-year head start and that's all they need.

Sunday 13 July 2014 - Ashfield Flats Foreshore, Fish & Triangle

Fish and Triangle are soggy in the winter and salt affected, and we haven't had much luck with Marris, but we keep trying on the higher ground. 11 volunteers planted 501 Marris, Golden Wreath Wattle, Shore Rush and Salt Sheoak.

Sunday 29 June 2014 - Redcliffe

This is a new site for BPG. Loamy soil, commanding views and lots of room for more high priority Black Cockatoo habitat. On the morning it was 13 volunteers planting 527 Banksia, Marri, Golden Wreath Wattle, Grey Stinkwood and Hakea on a previously burned patch. We'll be watching nervously over the summer...

Sunday 15 June 2014 - Whitfield St. II

More high priority Black Cockatoo habitat to expand upon previous year's plantings. 616 Marri, Banksia, Salt Sheoak in a little over two hours with 18 volunteers.

Saturday 26th April 2014 - GroCentre

Ten volunteers seeded and started cuttings for 689 natives suited for cottage garden ornamentals. Myrtles, Kangaroo Paws, Robin Red Breast, Running Postman, Native Wisteria, some Marris just to see if we could start them this late, and more.

Saturday 1st March 2014 - GroCentre

A total of 1075 natives potted in under 3 hours by BPG volunteers, including 100 Grey Stinkwood, 125 Golden Wreath Wattle, and 850 Marri, all medium to high priority Black Cockatoo habitat species. Apart from 625 purchased Marri seeds, stock was gathered locally by BPG volunteers.

Saturday 1st February 2014 - GroCentre

BPG volunteers potted 192 Swamp Banksia, 30 Harsh Hakea, 179 Two-Leaved Hakea and 593 Salt Sheoak for a total of 994 future seedlings. The Salt Sheoak are being propagated from local provenance seed gathered by BPG members. We also emptied the solar sterilizer and washed a thousand pots.

Saturday 18th January 2014 - Surrey Street Drain

Jeremy, the Town of Bassendean Environmental Officer bought 450 Juncus Kraussii and 175 Baumea articulata rushes as part of a long-term project to streamline this drain that runs between Prowse and Surrey Streets. BPG stored them at the GroCentre until the day when we planted them out.

Sunday 2nd November 2013 - Surrey Street Drain

Jeremy provided 14 Green Carpet ground covers and 116 Prickly Moses for BPG to plant along Surrey Street Drain. The drain generally is damp year around, and there was standing water at the bottom on the day, but the sides were very dry, so it may be we left it too late, and will return in the winter.

Sunday 15th September 2013 - GroCentre

An activity morning was held at the GroCentre to wash pots, re pot several hundred Juncus kraussii, clean the pond and try out the salt hydrometers. The plan is to harden up the Juncus with a saline solution in the Sedge and Rush pond prior planting out to more closely match the conditions in the river in November and December.

Sunday 11th August 2013 - The Fish, Ashfield Flats Planting

Under almost unbelievable sunny skies on this morning we planted almost 500 native species at the Fish area. We had to deviate somewhat from our Black Cockatoo habitat focus here, because the saline high water discourages the usual high priority habitat candidates.

Sunday 14th July 2013 - Whitfield St. Planting

BPG volunteers planted another 500 natives at the Whitfield St. site. The plants were all priority habitat plants that support the endangered Black Cockatoos and were grown at BPG's GroCentre, largely from local provenance seed gathered by BPG members with their SOPP licenses.

Sunday 31st March 2013 - Ashfield Flats Marri Seed Collection

With written permission from WAPC in hand, BPG members that recently obtained their SOPPs (Scientific and Other Permitted Purpose) seed gathering licenses went collecting. Prime Marri seed collecting is December thru March, but there were still plenty of honkey nuts left. In an hour we had a bag full that ought to supply several hundred seedlings at our Saturday 20-Apr-13 potting morning.

Saturday 16th February 2013 - GroCentre

After the morning's efforts BPG has 617 natives potted, and we also trimmed off the excess root mass on 900 Juncus ks in the Rush & Sedge pond. You can follow the progress to date by selecting the Year 2013 link above. Our seed gathering program hasn't progressed as we had hoped so far and that's holding us back, but we plan to get our potting count caught up before the weather turns.

Saturday 1st December 2012 - Pickering Park Foreshore

BPG caught a low tide and planted 679 Juncus kraussii rushes grown in our very own Rush & Sedge pond at the GroCentre These will help mitigate foreshore erosion along the park, and provide fish habitat. Because these rushes thrive in the damp zone and warmer temperatures, we can plant these late in the year, an exception to the best practice for most natives.

Sunday 5th August 2012 - Fish and Triangle

WAPC funded the preparation of these two sites at Ashfield Flats. We planted a total of 710 priority CBC habitat species from the same list as Whitfield St.
As below at Whitfield St.

Sunday 22nd July 2012 - Bindaring

BPG planted different 455 native plants donated by the Town of Bassendean, including varieties of Melaleuca, Hakea and Hardenbergia. BPG members had an opportunity to practice installing tree guards, also provided by the Town.

Sunday 8th July 2012 - Whitfield St.

Our first planting day for this year, after a good amount of rain from the recent storms. We planted a total of 575 Marri, Grey Stinkwood, Swamp Banksia and two varieties of Hakea (Harsh and Two-Leaved) from our GroCentre These are all priority habitat species for the Carnaby's Black Cockatoo. Our thanks to Town of Bassendean for the site preparation. We also staked out the next two areas for planting: Fish and Triangle.
Marri - Plant on higher ground.
Grey Stinkwood - Anywhere.
Swamp Banksia - Lower lying ground.
Harsh Hakea - Higher ground.
Two-Leaved Hakea - Higher ground.

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