BPG: Now and Then...

Some of our planting sites around Bassendean 'Now'. Move your mouse over the photo to the see the 'Then'.

BPG has been planting on WAPC land at Ashfield Flats for decades. Apart from the old growth that is more than thirty years old, virtually every native you see has been planted by BPG. These two photographs were taken 10 years apart. The results are clearly visible at our Whitfield St, Fish, Triangle, Blob and Marri Grove planting sites.

These two photos are less than a year apart. You can actually see the paw prints in the 'now' view where the relentless dog traffic has trampled the Juncus k we planted. Fortunately the Juncus that are out of the K9 thorofare are surviving. Time to consider whether we want a healthy foreshore or unlimited loose dogs. You can't have both.

Reserved for the next 'Now' coming soon.

Reserved for the next 'Now' coming soon.

BPG continues to propagate and plant out 1,000s of locally appropriate trees each year. As the saying goes, 'When is the best time to plant a tree? 30 years ago. When is the next best time? Today.' BPG is planting more trees than ever.