BPG: Now and Then...

Some of our planting sites around Bassendean 'Now'. Move your mouse over the photo to the see the 'Then'.

BPG planted hundreds of Casuarina obesas along the foreshore on 28-Sep-14. These salt tolerent fast growing species have intertwining roots that stabilise and reinforce the river bank, perfect for their location along the Swan. Despite the relentless traffic, six months later this brave specimen had not only survived but thrived. Sadly less than a month after the 'then' photo was taken it was gone... pulled out for a switch to brush off the flies or a stick to play fetch. We tried staking one year and every stake disappeared with in weeks, and so did the Sheoaks next to them. Last year we didn't stake, as that just seems to draw attention, and most were trampled. If they somehow escape that and grow enough to be noticed, they get pulled out.

As if to emphasize the problem, the 'then' photo captured a boat wake created wave washing ashore near a tree that has succumbed to foreshore erosion. On the right, rushes just planted by BPG are visible. Six months later, the rushes are gone, crushed into the thousands of foot and paw prints.

This is BPG's Whitfield Street II site. Black Cocatoos are routinely seen here. With TofB's help we are gradually expanding the area here for high priority habitat species. The 'then' photo was taken just after we finished planting out, but before we made a sweep to recover all the pots left to mark the seedling locations so we don't trample them.

I waited a bit too long for this photo, BPG propagated and planted bush has recovered so thoroughly there's barely a reference visible from where the original was taken. The tree and red roof top on the opposite shore can just be seen.

BPG hit the big time in 2008 with Don's "2,008 in 2008" goal. We've propagated and planted between 2,000 to 3,000 trees a year since and except for the year spent preparing the successful Lotterywest grant and building the GroCentre, made sure the tree count for the year has exceeded the date.

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