BPG: Now and Then...

Some of our planting sites around Bassendean 'Now'. Move your mouse over the photo to the see the 'Then'.

The GroCentre before we moved in over the summer of 2011/12... and with our first year's Marri and Swamp Banksia seedlings emerging.

BPG planted out the Whitfield St site in July 2012. All high-priority Black Cockatoo habitat species appropriate to the area... now some of the Marris are head high.

BPG's first experiment with mass planting at Ashfield Flats in November 2005 just after the 'stake-out' following the winter planting. We were changing our planting practices towards staked perimeters rather than each plant, but had a bet both ways that year. Btw, that year's stake color was 'aquarium'... now a beautiful grove of Paper Bark and Flooded Gum.

A view from the wood chippings path in Bindaring Park just before planting out in July 2005... and now.

BPG has always propagated and planted out natives that are local to the area. Last year several BPG members obtained Scientific and Other Permitted Purposes seed gathering licenses that along with written permission from the land manager have allowed us to gather local provenance seed for our propagation. Adherents to local provenance believe this is an advantage over typical purchased seed that may be sourced anywhere along the Perth coastal plain from Mandurah to Lancelin and beyond. On the more mundane side, it also saves us money!

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