BPG: Now and Then...

Some of our planting sites around Bassendean 'Now'. Move your mouse over the photo to the see the 'Then'.

BPG planted Acacia salignas here at Ashfield Flats in 2008. Acacia salignas live fast, die young and leave good looking leaf mulch... now with the Acacia salignas starting to fade you can see the tertiary planting Marris emerging.

BPG and TofB sponsored Eden Hill Primary School Year 3s to kick off this planting at Bindaring Park in 2008... now it's a regular forest.

One of BPG's goals is to 'Bring the birds back' to Ashfield Flats... now this stand near Lake Bettink provides much needed cover.

BPG's been planting at the 'Fish' site (so named because it's shaped like a fish in the aerial photos) since 2010, sponsoring a project with Eden Hill Primary School that year. It's a tough area, seasonally inundated and salt-affected, but you can see the progress.

BPG hit the big time in 2008 with Don's "2,008 in 2008" goal. We've propagated and planted between 2,000 to 3,000 trees a year since and except for the year spent preparing the successful Lotterywest grant and building the GroCentre, made sure the tree count for the year has exceeded the date.

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