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Flora Base

Authoritative scientific information on 12,000 taxa in Western Australia, including maps, images, descriptions, specimen, and nomenclatural information. Want to know information about any plant? Search Florabase at DPAW.

Bindaring Vision

The Bindaring Vision is for a functional wetland helping to improve the health of the river, including managed recreation space to ensure native flora and fauna can flourish, an inspiring nature-based playground, a conservation area with community access and free open space for all the activities we already enjoy in Bindaring Park.

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Carnaby's Black Cockatoos

This is a search tool from DPAW that allows you to search for Cockatoo friendly native species that are appropriate for your local area:
Plants for Carnaby's Search Tool.

Must viewing from the ABC website:
“On A Wing And A Prayer" follows the incredible life cycle of the Carnaby's cockatoo through the engaging story of one small cockatoo family. Capturing a remarkable never filmed before journey of life and love for one of Australia's most loved, but critically endangered birds.”
Available here.

For more info on the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rehabilitation Centre, visit their website:

This pdf "Plants Used by Carnaby's Black Cockatoo" contains all of the Cockatoo habitat supporting plants listed by use and priority:
Available here.

The current DPAW recovery plan is available at: Carnaby's Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) Recovery Plan (2.06)MB .

Ron's Broadway Arboretum

The Broadway Arboretum Concept got off to a promising start but was neglected through the late 90's and up until 2009, when the late BPG member Ron Van Delft ran a campaign to raise awareness of this undervalued gem. For background on the Arboretum, it is suggested you visit Ron's website here.  

In late 2010, the Town of Bassendean retained a consultant to prepare a new Concept Plan for the Arboretum.  As part of that process,  there was an open public meeting planned to allow the community to provide input to the consultant.  The Final Plan was approved by Council at the 10-Feb-2012 OCM. It’s available here.

Sadly, Ron's no longer with us, but his vision lives on.

The map below shows the current Broadway Arboretum (hint. click Sat view on the map below)

View Larger Map

Recommended "Reeding"

If you want to learn a little more about rushes and sedges, (just testing, there are no native reeds in Perth), check out this fantastic document: Using rushes and sedges in revegetation of wetland areas in the south west of WA.
Or just Google the title exactly as displayed above.