Broadway Arboretum

Protecting and enhancing Bassendean's qualities

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Values of Broadway Arboretum

Why have an arboretum?

Some of the social, environmental and economic benefits of the Broadway Arborertum are noted below.


The Arboretum contributes to wellness in regard to mental and physical health.

Research indicates that contrary to popular thinking, humans may be dependent on nature for psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs that are difficult to satisfy by other means. Findings so far demonstrate that access to nature plays a vital role in human health, wellbeing, and development that has not been fully recognised. This research has led to concept of the Healthy Parks, Healthy People (This last link appears to have been lost in the DEC split into DPAW and DER.)

Broadway Arboretum provides a natural environment in a location where the nearest small areas of bushland are about 1.5km away. The nearest publicly accessible natural area bigger than Broadway Arboretum is the Ashfield Flats which are about 2.6 km away. 

The existing circular path provides a pleasant walk, which helps people keep fit.

The Arboretum concept is compatible with a range of other community uses such as the existing playground, public art, or tree memorials such as the trees that line Fraser Avenue in Kings Park dedicated to the servicemen of World War II.


The arboretum can help conserve water and protect the Swan River from excess nutrients. Plants from regions in the South West which have lower rainfall than Perth should not require irrigation or watering once established, and most West Australian plants don’t need fertiliser.

The Arboretum provides a place to grow rare plants.

Experience in growing plants at the Arboretum helps identify hardy species and those species which may become weeds.

Broadway Arboretum would be a good place to establish a demonstration garden of low water and fertiliser use plants.


Although initial establishment costs are high, once fully established the maintenance cost of natural areas is significantly lower per hectare than for grass. Lower maintenance costs help reduce the rates that the Town of Bassendean needs to charge residents for upkeep of the town.

The Arboretum can be a showcase of Western Australia’s beautiful flora that we can proudly show to visitors, helping tourism.