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Kunzea ericifolia Spearwood


Location in Arboretum: Karri Forest
No on Map: KF04

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  • Grows well in moist conditions and along the margins of watercourses, lakes and seasonally wet swamps. Can also be found growing amongst rocks in more open and elevated positions (1).
  • The name ericifolia comes from having leaves similar to the genus Erica (2).
  • This species has been in cultivation for many years.  Propagation is easy from both seed and cuttings. If seed is being collected, the plants need to be kept under observation or the seed will be lost (3).
  • A new compound, named ericifolione, has been isolated from the hexane extract of the aerial parts of Kunzea ericifolia by bioassay-guided fractionation. The extract exhibits moderate insecticidal activity in comparison with natural pyrethrum extract (4).
  • A twig and leaf rust called Puccinia cygnorum grows on Kunzea ericifolia in Western Australia (5).
  • A glasshouse trial performed on seven species for tolerance to aluminium toxicity revealed Kunzea ericifolia as highly tolerant. This is important for coal mine rehabilitation efforts (6).