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Hakea prostrata Harsh Hakea



Location in Arboretum: Swan Coastal Plain. Also located next to Adenanthos x cunninghamii Albany Woolybush
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  • prostrata is Latin for prostrate. When first discovered by Robert Brown who was the botanist on Mathew Flinders ship the Investigator which explored the west coast of Australia in 1801 (1), he saw specimens near Albany that were on a windblown granite site that were prostrate because they were trimmed by salt spray (Powell, 1990).  However, apart from the immediate coastline, Hakea prostrata are not prostrate.
  • “One of Perth’s toughest plants” remains when others gone! Useful to prevent human movement (e.g. for closing tracks) (Powell, 1990).
  • Reproduces from rootstock if damaged (so may have multiple stems) and seeds well.  (Powell, 1990).
  • Native bees and other insects visit flowers for their nectar (Powell, 1990).
  • Harsh Hakea has a low capacity to reduce phosphorus uptake in response to increased supply, which offers a physiological explanation for the extreme sensitivity of Harsh Hakea fertilisers with phosphate (2).


Powell, R. (1990). Leaf and branch - Trees and tall shrubs of Perth, Department of Conservation and Land Management.