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Hakea francisiana Emu Tree


Location in Arboretum: Mallee Woodland
No on Map: MW02

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  • Also known as Red Spike Hakea based on its flowers. 
  • Has broad-linear leaves about 25 centimetres long with five to seven distinct longitudinal (parallel) veins (1) (see photo).
  • Is an "obligate seeder". Obligate seeders are plants with large, fire-activated seed banks that germinate, grow, and mature rapidly following a fire in order to reproduce and renew the seed bank before the next fire (2). Requires 5-6 years between fire.
  • If more than 50% of seed collected, then a fire, then the population can be jeopardised.
  • The species name francisiana is named after George Francis, a Director of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens (3).
  • Has been in cultivation for many years and is easily grown from seed (4).