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Eucalyptus angulosa Ridge-fruited Mallee


Location in Arboretum: Wheatbelt (Mallee)
No on Map: WM01

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  • Quarral is the Noongar (Aboriginal) name for this plant (1).
  • Broadway specimen characterised by ribbon bark hanging off tree but Florabase says smooth bark? Please check the species identification if using this plant for study purposes.
  • A study was done on the effects of fertilising Eucalyptus angulosa on oil production. Eight months old Eucalyptus angulosa seedlings received three levels of nitrogen (0, 200 and 400 kg ammonium sulphate per 4,200 sqm at three months intervals.  Increasing Nitrogen levels from 200 to 400 kg/4,200 sqm significantly increased the height of trees. The high level of nitrogen (400 kg/4,200 sqm) gave the highest number of branches. The two levels of nitrogen (200 and 400 kg/4200 sqm) greatly increased the percentage of essential oil. nitrogen at 200 kg/4,200 sqm gave the highest percentage of cineole. Whereas, nitrogen at 400 kg/4200 sqm, greatly, increased the percentage of citronellol ofEucalyptus angulosa oils (2).