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Corymbia ficifolia Red-flowering Gum


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Location in Arboretum: Karri Forest
No on Map: KF02
  • A small tree of very restricted, subcoastal distribution. 
  • The Red-flowering Gum is very common and popular in horticulture, widely used throughout cooler coastal southern Australia as a street tree because of its massed colourful flowers that are highly attractive to humans, lorikeets and honeyeaters (1). It is also resistant to dieback (2).
  • Red-flowering Gum is highly tolerant of drought, wind and salt spray. However, it performs poorly on clays (3).
  • Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo recorded feeding on flowers (4).
  • Very sensitive to atmospheric fluorides (5), so if fluorides become an issue with the airport brickworks, watch this plant!
  • A new moderately insecticidal compound, named ficifolidione, has been isolated from the hexane extract of the aerial parts of and Kunzea ericoides (6)
  • Seed dark brown to black, ellipsoidal with terminal wing, often extending narrowly along margins also, 12–18 mm long (including wing).
  • The Red-flowering Gum is one of three species of bloodwood found in South Western Australia. The other species of bloodwood in South Western Australia both have wingless seeds.