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Callistemon viminalis Weeping Bottlebrush



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Location in Arboretum: Swan Coastal Plain Wetland
No on Map: WET02

  • There are several species or varieties that look similar, so mis-identification is possible here. However, the information below is believed to be substantially correct.
  • The Weeping Bottlebrush occurs naturally on the east coast of Australia from Cape York to north-east New South Wales. It is more common along watercourses on the coastal plains there where it forms a shrub or small tree up to 8 m tall; larger specimens up to 18 m tall have also been recorded (1).
  • Regarded as a weed at Broadway Arboretum because it is not native to South Western Australia. It was not planted at the Broadway Arboretum but established by itself.
  • Widely grown in nurseries – particularly as a hybrid species.