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Banksia littoralis Swamp Banksia



Location in Arboretum: Should be in Swan Coastal Plain wetland, is in Karri Forest.
No on Map: WET06

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  • Boorarup is the Noongar name (1)
  • Banksia littoralis inhabits winter-wet locations and wetland fringes that are prone to seasonal flooding events on the Swan Coastal Plain. To survive in these locations, B. littoralis seedlings must be able to tolerate periods of flooding or complete submergence if establishment is to be successful. Flood tolerance was assessed in seedlings of B. littoralis subjected to 104 days of continual soil waterlogging by comparing changes in seedling growth and leaf ecophysiology with those of well-watered plants.  B. littoralis responded to flooding by closing their stomates and reducing photosynthetic capacity, although they were able to recover lost photosynthetic potential when flooded conditions subsided. Flood-affected B. littoralis seedlings were significantly smaller than well-watered seedlings after 72 days of flooding, but were the same size after 104 days.  All submerged B. littoralis seedlings survived after 54 days (2). Surviving the annual summer drought may be more important to seedling establishment.