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Adenanthos x cunninghamii Albany Woolybush


Location in Arboretum: Karri Forest
No on Map: KF01

Is a hybrid, so no listing on Florabase

  • A genetic analysis of the Albany Woolybush confirmed that it is a hybrid between Adenanthos sericeus and Adenanthos cuneatus (Walker 2002).  Adenanthos cunninghamii was conventionally accepted to be a species until 2003. The Albany Woollybush occurs on deep, sandy soils in low woodland, heath or low scrub, and co-occurs with its parent species. It flowers in March, September and October (Hopper et al. 1990; Rye and Hopper 1981). Albany Woollybush is endemic to Western Australia, and is known from twenty populations in southern coastal areas near Albany (Gilfillan and Barrett 2004). Adenanthos sericeus and Adenanthos cuneatus, are more widely distributed along the south coast of Western Australia (CALM 2005) (1)

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