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News flash

In November 2010, the Town of Bassendean accepted a quote from RPS consultants to develop a Broadway Arboretum Reserve Concept Plan. Over January & February it is expected that the contractor will conduct field assessment, desktop reviews, develop site analysis plans and develop base plans prior to consultation with the community in early 2011.


Broadway Arboretum was established by the Town of Bassendean in 1993 and now has a rich variety of plants many of which support wildlife.

The by-line "... more than meets the eye" highlights that the Arboretum is actually an amazing place when you know something about what you are looking at.

For example, several of the plants have pharmaceutical values, some have unusual ways of reproducing, some are rare, some are critically important for birds, and many have fascinating adaptations to cope with drought, floods, fire and salt.

Furthermore, the Broadway Arboretum was once part of an important and large wetland system that included Nyibra Swamp which is now largely gone. Only aerial photos and anecdotal information testify the size and importance of Nyibra Swamp.

This website communicates the more interesting findings in scientific journals in layman's terms, information from long-time and former residents of the area, and aerial photos and maps from as far back as 1948.

A Self Guided Tour of the Broadway Arboretum is provided.

What's at Broadway Arboretum

Broadway Arboretum contains plants that grow in sandy soils of South Western Australia planted by plant region, a seasonal wetland with locally native vegetation, a small grassed area, a playground, and a small parking area.

Where is Broadway Arboretum

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Using Broadway Arboretum

Broadway Arboretum is managed by the Town of Bassendean, and the relevant local laws apply. There is no requirement to stay on the paths but please lookout for new plants which are often small unmarked seedlings, and beware of spreading the weed caltrop. It is illegal to remove plant material from the site.


The information in this website has been compiled in good faith based on anecdotal and written information held by, recorded by, or provided to, members of the Bassendean Preservation Group Inc. No person should rely on or act solely on the basis of information provided by this website, particularly with respect to the food or medicinal values of plants at the Arboretum. Some species look the same as other species, so mis-identification may be possible.

The Bassendean Preservation Group Inc. expressly disclaims liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of relying on or acting solely on the basis of advice or information provided in this website.